The Old Town of Vilnius is one of the largest in Europe, it can easily be explored on foot. Alternatively, Vilnius Transport operates buses and trolleybuses in Vilnius. A single ticket for either bus or trolleybus use costs 1 €, purchased from the driver (cash only) or ~0.70 €/30min if a Vilniečio kortelė (Vilnius Citizen Card) is purchased from a kiosk. Paper tickets need to be stamped/validated by using one of two ticket punches: mechanical (the tiny red machine near the driver - put a ticket in and pull the rear part towards you to punch it) or electromechanical (yellow or brown punch with a slot - insert your ticket and it will be stamped) or by swiping the Vilnius Citizen debit card at the yellow electronic readers. Validate your ticket immediately after boarding the vehicle.

Car rental
There are several well known foreign car rental companies as well as domestic ones in Vilnius. It is advised to book online from an English language website such as Car Rental or Neo RentCity-Bee operates a car sharing network where you can rent a car by the hour. There is no contract nor monthly fee, you pay only for the service when you use the car, no parking expenses when you are not using it. There are 13 pick-up points throughout the city, mostly in the centre and some relevant points in northern districts.

Bicycle rental
Cyclocity Vilnius is a self-service bike rental system that features 36 stations in central locations operating annually during May-September. Every station has at least 9 bike stands. The stations require a "Cyclocity Vilnius" Card (obtained at Tourist Information Centers), Vilnius Citizen Card (the Vilniečio kortelė - public transport card) or a 3 Day Ticket card. Costs: Seasonal subscription: ~20 €, 30-day subscription: ~5 €, 3-day Ticket: ~3 €. Service: 1st 30 minutes: free, second 30 minutes: ~0.50 €, 3rd 30 minutes: ~1.50 €, fourth 30 minutes and over: ~3.50 €.


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